Our business strategy

Rautaki umanga

Last updated 4 November 2016
Last updated 11/04/2016

Our strategy is to ensure the tertiary education system can respond to change and continue to improve outcomes for learners and industry.

We’re working to:

  • develop an Investment Approach – refocus how we invest across the sector, to get a better return for the tertiary education spend
  • champion aspiration – provide the opportunity for all New Zealanders to engage in lifelong education to develop and enhance skills as they are needed.

To support our strategy, we’re developing:

  • A strong knowledge base – we have the right tools and information to support good decisions on where and how to invest
  • Our internal capability – the TEC is a great place to work so we can attract and retain high-quality staff.

And we're striving to:

  • build effective partnerships – build relationships with our partners that help us to achieve better outcomes for New Zealanders.

The Investment Approach and champion aspiration are the two externally-focussed 'pillars' of our strategy. The other three – building partnerships, a strong knowledge base, and our internal capability – are our internal pillars.

The image below shows how the five pillars fit together.



TEC business strategy poster



Download the Strategy Poster (PDF, 738.53 Kb)