Ngā tātaringa

Last updated 4 November 2016
Last updated 11/04/2016

We carry out audits of the tertiary education organisations (TEOs) we fund. This is a standard procedure and is part of our overall approach to monitoring TEOs.

Auditing provides assurance that the services we purchase from a TEO comply with our funding conditions. 

If you need to undergo an audit, our audit team will contact you and explain the process. We will then work with you to confirm the findings and any actions required.

We will share information with other government agencies when we consider it necessary. We will also work with other agencies to ensure that our audits are co-ordinated.

If, as a result of an audit, we suspect that a significant breach of our funding conditions has occurred we may undertake a more in-depth review or investigation. If we suspect fraudulent activity has occurred or is occurring, we will report it to the police and/or the Serious Fraud Office.