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We take complaints seriously

We take complaints seriously

Last updated 31 March 2017
Last updated 03/31/2017

Tim Fowler, our Chief Executive, was on Radio New Zealand this morning discussing the issues raised recently on the pressures some tertiary education staff indicate they feel. Tim made it clear that these issues are important, need to be looked at in context, and he wants to call out bad behaviour. 

Anyone who wants to get in touch to discuss making a formal complaint should do so. Our Sector Helpdesk staff can help talk you through our comprehensive complaints process. You can call them on our dedicated complaints line 0800 601 302 or email us directly at complaints@tec.govt.nz

NZQA also have a complaints procedure that you might want to consider. All concerns raised with NZQA are actively followed up. You may also want to discuss your concerns with Universities New Zealand. You can call Chris Whelan on 04 381 8511 (during office hours) or email him on complaints@universitiesnz.ac.nz at any time.  

The TEC’s role is to invest government funding with tertiary education organisations and provide information and advice to the Government about tertiary education organisations and the tertiary education sector.

Another one of our key functions is to monitor the performance of the organisations that we fund to ensure student success and the sound use of public money.