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Is our website meeting your needs?

Is our website meeting your needs?

Last updated 29 June 2017
Last updated 06/29/2017

It’s almost six months since we launched our refreshed website on 9 November 2016, refocused on tertiary education organisations as the primary audience.

The refreshed website is designed to be easier to use and find information, with a new menu, design and most content rewritten in Plain English. It also has some new features including Māori translations, pop-up definitions for technical terms and news stories on the home page.

We want to keep improving the website to make it as useful and relevant to users as possible.

With that in mind, we have developed an online survey to find out what you think. 

Go to the survey [the survey has closed]

The survey runs until 5pm, Friday 14 July and we invite you to complete it and then send it on to your colleagues. The more feedback we get, the better we will be placed to make improvements and fix any issues.