Minister Upston visits Careers Transition team

We update Minister on Careers NZ transition to TEC

We update Minister on Careers NZ transition to TEC

Last updated 2 June 2017
Last updated 06/02/2017

Our Careers Transition Team has been preparing for the imminent transfer of Careers NZ to the TEC on 1 July 2017. Aligning the systems and processes to ensure a seamless transfer has underpinned the work the team has been doing. 

The Associate Minister of Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Hon Louise Upston visited the Careers Transition Team this week to get an update on how the project is tracking and the work being done to bring the two organisations together.

Alongside the functional alignment is the importance of bringing the two cultures of the organisations together. Tim Fowler, TEC’s Chief Executive says the staff of both organisations already share a common purpose in their work.

“From speaking to staff in both organisations I’m confident we share the same aspirations to deliver successful outcomes for New Zealanders through the work we do. This shared purpose will underpin how we work as one organisation to deliver an improved careers system.”

Minister Upston was keen to hear about how the TEC will improve the delivery of careers information for learners, ranging from school students to adults looking to upskill. She emphasised the importance of having information available for the wide range of people who influence the decisions of career seekers so they can make informed steps to achieve the things they are passionate about.


Minister Upston talks to group of people in room

Minister Upston (right) addresses the Careers NZ Transition team at TEC