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Youth under-employment broader than attitude

Youth under-employment broader than attitude

Last updated 9 November 2016
Last updated 11/09/2016

The lack of connection between young people and employers in South Auckland is the subject of a new government initiative and report released recently.

The Attitude Gap Challenge is a multi-agency co-design challenge led by the Auckland Co-design Lab and sponsored by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Ministry of Social Development.

It is centred on understanding the differences between young people’s and employers’ expectations of work readiness, and the impact of these differences on youth under-employment in South Auckland.

The report found that this ‘gap’ is more than just attitude, but a complex clash of norms and expectations, as well as ethnic and generational differences that occur throughout the employment journey.

The report highlights the importance of employers, service providers, young people and their whānau working together to improve employment outcomes for young people wanting to enter the workforce. 

The project brought together a wide range of employers, young people and other agencies to address the identified challenge using human-centred design.

Government agencies intend to use the insights from the Attitude Gap to support current and future policy work in this area. While the project was based in South Auckland many of the findings are equally relevant across New Zealand.

Read the report on the Auckland Co-design Lab website.