Payments and reporting

Payments and reporting

Last updated 17 February 2020
Last updated 17 February 2020

We make bulk payments to TEOs to cover the estimated cost of fees-free enrolments for the 2018 year. This will continue for 2019.

Payment Recovery

How we will calculate any recoveries for 2019 Fees-free payments

We will recover funding if a TEO under-delivers in 2019

If a TEO’s Fees-free delivery reported in the FF06 submitted to TEC is less than 100% of the final amount due to TEO for the year after TEC validation and allocation rules have been applied, we will recover the difference.

If the FF06 is not submitted, then this will be deemed to be zero delivery, and TEC will recover the full funding for the year.

We will pay additional funding if a TEO over-delivers in 2019

If a TEO’s Fees-free delivery reported in the FF06 submitted to TEC is more than 100% of the TEO’s allocation after TEC validation and allocation rules have been applied, we will pay the difference.


How are TEOs paid?

On behalf of learners, we make bulk payments on defined dates throughout 2018 to cover the estimated cost of fees-free learner enrolments for the 2018 year policy. These bulk payments, which in most cases will be paid three months in advance, will streamline the process for you.

For most providers, payments are based on each organisation’s fees data in Services for Tertiary Education Organisations (STEO), their historic delivery volumes, 2018 funding allocation, and their StudyLink fees payment profile.

Using these sources to calculate payment amounts means:

  • most provider payments will be in advance of when they may have expected payments from StudyLink on behalf of learners, and
  • over or underpayments should be minimised.

For industry training organisations (ITOs), payments are based on proposed fees for 2018 for the estimated number of learners and apprentices who are eligible in 2018. For most ITOs, payments are made quarterly.

When necessary, we have worked with a TEO to agree a bespoke solution for their organisation. This might be, for instance, when a new provider does not have sufficient historic data for us to complete a forecast calculation.

What if a TEO disagrees with the payment amount?

If you disagree with your allocation amount and/or timing of payments, you can request an evidence-based review by us.

What about over and under payments?

Bulk payments are reconciled with actual delivery data during the year and adjustments are made to future payments if needed.

We will confirm with you any amount owing for eligible learner fees. This wash-up process is similar to the current wash-up for under or over delivery.

Determine what to invoice learners

To invoice learners correctly you need to validate your data regularly against the Fees Free Eligibility file and the Fees Free Eligibility Changes file.

You can find both these files on the Notices section of your Workspace 2 Home page. We update these files daily at 10:00am.

We recommend that you use these files to reconcile data once a week. At an absolute minimum, you should do it twice for each learner – once when they enrol and again a few days before their course begins.


How to check learners’ eligibility
On the Notices section of your Workspace 2 Home page, you'll find a notice called Lists of NSNs eligible for Fees Free study. This page lists the following three files which we use to tell you about the eligibility of learners:

  1. Fees-free eligibility
  2. Fees-free eligibility changes, and
  3. Checking the eligibility of specific NSNs.

From October 2018, we’re updating these eligibility files
Currently (for the 2018 calendar year), there are three status options: Y (yes), N (no) and U (unknown). For the 2019 calendar year’s fees-free eligibility we’ll be using the following statuses: Y (yes), N (no), U (unknown) and 8 (2018 Starter). 2018 Starter will indicate learners who have consumed some fees-free entitlement in 2018.

Please note:

  • Each National Student Number (NSN) may have multiple records. Both 2018 and 2019 eligibility may be reported.
  • For the remainder of 2018, you should continue to use 2018 fees-free eligibility to identify those learners you should be including in your Fees Free All Enrolments and Costs returns.

We’ll continue to indicate to you (through the Fees-Free Multiple Providers and Cap Limit Report) which of these learners has fully consumed so you’ll be able to invoice them.

The updated wireframes are as follows:

  1. Fees-free eligibility (PDF, 159 Kb)
  2. Fees-free eligibility changes (PDF, 160 Kb), and
  3. Checking the eligibility of specific NSNs (PDF, 85 Kb).

Reporting dates

See our business calendar for fees-free reporting dates.