Research about Pasifika learners

Ngā rangahau ākonga Pasifika

Last updated 8 November 2016
Last updated 8 November 2016

On this page you will find research about Pasifika learners. The purpose of the research is to help tertiary education organisations (TEOs) lift Pasifika participation, achievement and completion rates in a tertiary setting. 

The two research studies below explore how to increase Pasifika participation in high-growth and high-demand industries, and professional development needs to improve Pasifika learner outcomes.

These two reports complement our publication ‘Doing Better for Pasifika’, which identifies good practice on what works best to improve Pasifika learner outcomes in tertiary education.

Read our research summary for Pasifika learners:

Boosting outcomes for Pasifika learners in tertiary education: 2015 research findings (PDF, 270 Kb)

Innovative ways to increase Pasifika participation in high-growth and high-demand industries

Strong connections between TEOs, industry and Pasifika learners are key enablers to increasing awareness and knowledge of high-growth, high-demand industries. The report also shows how secondary schools and TEOs can develop Pasifika employment in high-growth, high-demand industries.

Enhancement of Tertiary Education Strategy priority frameworks (PDF, 938 Kb)

Professional development needs to enhance effective teaching and performance for Pasifika learners

This report highlights key areas where educators most need professional development support to deliver effective teaching and better outcomes for Māori and Pasifika learners. The report findings will also inform and support our work on improving Māori and Pasifika learner outcomes. 

Professional development practices and needs to enhance responsiveness in Māori and Pasifika learners in tertiary settings (PDF, 2 Mb)