Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting

Last updated 21 August 2017
Last updated 21 August 2017

This page provides information about tertiary education provider reporting on DualPathways Pilot delivery, and our monitoring of tertiary education provider performance.

Tertiary education providers with an indicative allocation of DualPathways Pilot funding submit a completed mix of provision (MoP) template to us via Workspace 2. We approve the MoP through the Investment Plan (Plan) approval process.

We monitor tertiary education providers’ reported delivery against their MoP commitments and other requirements and expectations that we set.


We use data submitted via the Single Data Return (SDR) and Workspace 2 to monitor performance, evaluate the success of the pilot and report tertiary education statistics.

Single Data Return (SDR)

All DualPathways Pilot funded tertiary education providers report to us through the SDR. This reporting (as well as registering and maintaining qualifications for funding, and updating qualification, course and delivery site details) is carried out through our section of the Services for Tertiary Education Organisations (STEO) website. For more information, please refer to the SDR Manual and SDR Appendices.

During the calendar year, each tertiary education provider must submit SDRs as per the SDR timetable. Each tertiary education provider must:

  • supply to us information about each student enrolled in a course by completing the fields in the SDR in accordance with the SDR Manual and its appendices,
  • supply to us a forecast of your likely DualPathways Pilot funded EFTS in accordance with the SDR Manual, and
  • submit the information on or before the date we specify.

The full details of the timing and data required to be submitted in the SDR can be found in the SDR Manual.

Workspace 2

All DualPathways Pilot funded tertiary education providers report to us through the success payment report templates provided in Workspace 2. We provision the report templates in each tertiary education provider’s Workspace 2 after each SDR submission round. Tertiary education providers must complete and submit the reports on or before the due date for submission (this will be notified).


We monitor tertiary education provider performance and practices to understand performance in the sector, and to inform our decisions about future funding a tertiary education provider may receive.

DualPathways Pilot provision will not be included in each participating tertiary education provider’s published 2017 and 2018 educational performance indicator (EPIs). However, we will monitor the performance of participating tertiary education providers in terms of:

  • the successful course completions EPI, and
  • student progression to higher level study or employment.

We may also consider other EPIs to understand the success of the pilot and barriers to its success.

Other monitoring

In addition, we monitor tertiary education provider:

  • achievement of MoP delivery commitments, and
  • achievement of other expectations that we communicate to tertiary education providers.