Group Training Scheme Fund

Group Training Scheme Fund

Last updated 16 June 2020
Last updated 16 June 2020

The Group Training Scheme (GTS) Fund provides funding to support Group Training Schemes to retain apprentices in the period following the COVID-19 lockdown.

The purpose of the Group Training Scheme (GTS) Fund is to ensure apprentices employed by Group Training Schemes are able to be retained by making the Schemes viable during the immediate aftermath of the lockdown due to COVID-19.

The intention is that apprentices employed by the Schemes should be moved back into work once businesses can host them again, but that they remain employed, and access off-job training opportunities if possible, in the meantime.

Up to $19.36 million of funding is available until 30 June 2021 and will be allocated through negotiations between the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and existing Group Training Schemes. A negotiated approach allows for each Group Training Scheme’s circumstances and the needs of their mix of apprentices to be taken into account.

Applying for Funding

We are accepting applications from existing Group Training Schemes. Please see the definition of a Group Training Scheme under organisational eligibility below.

Eligible Group Training Schemes will be contacted directly by the TEC with details of the application process.

We are not accepting applications from new organisation looking to establish Group Training Schemes.


These are the eligibility criteria for the GTS Fund.

Organisational eligibility

An eligible Group Training Scheme is a scheme operated by a Group Training Organisation since at least 1 March 2020, which directly employs apprentices and trainees enrolled with a formal industry training agreement and places the apprentice with host businesses for the fixed term of their apprenticeship or training.

Support programme eligibility

GTS Fund funding is available for the purposes of:

  • maintaining current apprentices employed by the Group Training Scheme;
  • reconnecting with apprentices that have been let go since the impacts of COVID-19 began; and
  • employing any additional apprentices necessary to bring them up to a viable level, not exceeding their usual level, as long as training arrangements are in place for the additional apprentices, and the Group Training Scheme can show a viable pathway to in-work training.

Group Training Schemes that receive funding should aim to become sustainable using other forms of income as soon as possible, and to work towards reducing reliance on the funding, while preserving and enhancing skill acquisition and outcomes of their apprentices.

Funding and payments


An organisation that receives GTS Fund funding is required to comply with:

  • the requirements of the Education and Training Act 2020; and
  • any conditions specified in its funding funding letter.


We pay funding for successful applicants in instalments, as specified in the funding letter. We only pay funding after the funding letter has been signed and returned to us.

We pay the first instalment at the start of the project, and we pay subsequent instalments on the receipt of agreed progress or completion reports. See reporting under Monitoring and reporting below.

Funding recovery

Funding must only be used for the activities specified in the funding letter.

If the funded organisation receives funding that was greater than it should have been, or that it was not entitled to receive, we will recover the extra funding.

This may include:

  • using less funding than the amount paid for the activities;
  • using funding for activities not agreed in the funding letter; or
  • non-compliance with the conditions of funding.

Monitoring and Reporting


Organisations receiving funding from the GTS Fund must provide us with the following information at the intervals outlined in the funding letter:

  • the amount of GTS Fund funding that you have spent;
  • the nature of support that has been provided by you;
  • the time period for which the support is or has been provided;
  • the number of apprentices that have been supported by you and their demographics; and
  • any other reporting requested in the funding letter provided to the successful applicant.

We will publish information on how the funding has been used.


We monitor the performance of funded organisations through the information and reports provided to us.