Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting

Last updated 15 December 2017
Last updated 15 December 2017

How institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs) report on the Special Supplementary Grant for Special Education (SSG – Special Education) and how we monitor their performance.


At the end of each calendar year, ITPs receiving SSG – Special Education funding need to report on how they used it by completing the template below. Please submit the template to Workspace before 5pm 31 January.

See Condition: Record-keeping and reporting.

Special Supplementary Grant (SSG) – Special Education Fund Report Template 2016  (Word, 452 Kb)

Reporting requirements include:

  • details of the tutorial support  provided for each programme /activity

  • the outcomes/benefits for learners

  • how the funding was spent.


We monitor ITPs’ performance and practices to understand their performance in the sector, and to inform our decisions about future funding.