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It’s people first for our new Deputy Chief Executive

It’s people first for our new Deputy Chief Executive

Last updated 10 February 2017
Last updated 10 February 2017

Mike Blanchard, our new Deputy Chief Executive Operations, is passionate about people and creating high-performing teams. 

As Chief Procurement Officer at Sydney Trains he set the audacious goal for his team to become the number one procurement team in the NSW government, and they did. They also achieved their next goal – to be the first organisation in Australasia to get global benchmark accreditation for procurement and supply.

So it’s no surprise that his first goal for our Operations Directorate is to be the number one team in New Zealand Government.

“To do this we have to live all our values. So we’re going to aim high, strive for excellence, be one team and build partnerships, which is a customer-centric approach – and lastly, aim to improve continuously which is about learning and innovation.”

A few weeks into his job, Mike is excited about the challenges ahead, one of which is to build and embed a customer service culture and methodology.

“I’ve already told my team that everyone is a customer, both internally and externally, and there are no exceptions.  As a start I’ve given them all a copy of the book Fish which is all about how you enable a customer service culture.”

Mike says creating a customer charter is key to building a customer-centric culture.

“Our customers need to know what we’ll do for them and, in turn, what we need them to do to help us do our job better. It takes two parties to build a good relationship.”

Delivering sustainable services to the citizen

Age and experience has changed Mike’s principles and beliefs.

“Back when I was selling and managing sales teams it was all about the individual.  As I’ve got older, I’ve learned to place more value on the team and delivering sustainable services to the citizen.”

“I love people, watching them grow to achieve some really big goals and succeed. I thrive in the team environment and wouldn’t like a job where I was working on my own.”

Mike was attracted to the role at TEC because he felt he could make a real difference straight away.

“I have been a lifelong learner and recently completed a Masters after three and half years of research. This has given me insights into how I can add value to the tertiary system. And by combining my commercial and public sector experience, I feel I can lead my team and the TEC to deliver great outcomes for our customers.”

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