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Fiji delegation impressed with our progress and data systems

Fiji delegation impressed with our progress and data systems

Last updated 15 February 2017
Last updated 02/15/2017

The Fiji Higher Education Commission has much to think about after visiting us last week to learn about our approach to reporting and monitoring.

“Presentations from some of our senior staff underpinned a wide-ranging discussion with the Fiji delegation around investment and monitoring that they seemed to find very useful,” said Brendan Kelly, our Information Directorate Deputy Chief Executive.

“The delegation also visited the New Zealand Qualifications Authority as Fiji is looking to create a centralised agency responsible for a mix of both TEC and NZQA functions.” 

The visitors were particularly interested in a demonstration of our new apps and learning about our quality assurance systems and processes including our monitoring framework for tertiary education institutions.

“Our team were most impressed at how TEC has developed over the years and focused on particular areas to ensure reporting, purchasing and success over the sector. Your data system is particularly impressive,” said Linda Aumea, Director of the Fiji Higher Education Commission.

“The presentations will help us capture only what is essential. With limited resource to invest, we know we have to get this right,” she said.


Fiji Higher Education Commission staff visit Tertiary Education Commission

Top row from left: Peter Wood (TEC Principal Advisor), Akuila Savu (FHEC Quality Assurance Analyst), Lisale Falema'a (TEC Senior Advisor), Brendan Kelly (TEC Deputy Chief Executive), Graeme Finn (TEC Senior Analyst) and Amelia Siga (FHEC Professional Services Team Leader). Bottom row from left: Simon Narayan (FHEC Policy Analyst), Setaita Lomani (FHEC Programme Officer- Strategic Planning), Linda Aumua (FHEC Director), Troy Irwin (MFAT Programme Manager) and Johnny Tramoundanas-Can (TEC Investment Manager).