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Release of new Monitoring Update and investigation guidelines

Release of new Monitoring Update and investigation guidelines

Last updated 8 February 2018
Last updated 02/08/2018

As announced late in 2017, we have re-aligned our monitoring to take a more flexible approach, along with focusing on education and sharing information with tertiary education organisations (TEOs).

We have published the first edition of our Monitoring Update newsletter. This includes the new investigation guidelines, which provide TEOs with information on what to expect during investigations.

Dean Winter, Monitoring and Crown Ownership Manager, says these regular updates will make the most of the useful information the TEC generates through monitoring.

“As we’ve taken a smarter approach to monitoring we’ve found that there is a lot we can share with TEOs to help them not only meet their obligations but assist their performance.”

The first Monitoring Update newsletter provides more information on the TEC's new monitoring approach and ways to avoid common issues found in TEC audits.

Dean says the new investigation guidelines are part of the TEC's commitment to be as open and transparent with TEOs as possible.

“We know that investigations can have important consequences for the parties being investigated. One of the main things we can do to ensure this is no more onerous than it needs to be, is making sure TEOs know what to expect.”

The TEC invests approximately $2.9 billion every year into tertiary education. We regularly monitor approximately 700 TEOs to ensure they are performing and meeting their funding agreements.