Guidance to develop your Investment Plan

Guidance to develop your Investment Plan

Last updated 28 February 2023
Last updated 28 February 2023

We provide resources to support you to develop your Plan for investment in 2024.

We make high-quality investment decisions that support a dynamic system to deliver lifelong learning and equip learners, communities and employers for success.

The resources we provide - Plan Guidance, Supplementary Plan Guidance and Investment Briefs - should be read alongside each other when you are developing your Plan.

We also provide a template for the strategic intent and learner success parts of your Plan, and an infosheet to specifically support your learner success work.

All of these documents should inform your discussions with your Relationship Manager or our Customer Contact Group.

Plan Guidance for TEOs submitting Plans for funding from 1 January 2024 (PDF, 7.1 MB)

Supplementary Plan Guidance for investment in 2024 will be released in June 2023.

Investment Round Timeline

The Investment Round Timeline provides an outline of the major milestones that will occur for investment in 2024.



TEC releases Plan Guidance and Plan engagement begins

By March 2023

TEC publishes notices in the New Zealand Gazette setting out requirements for Plan content, timetable, assessment, and Plan summaries

By March 2023

Government announces Budget

May 2023

TEC provides indicative allocations

By 1 June 2023

TEC releases Mix of Provision (MoP) and Educational Performance Indicator Commitment (EPIC) templates

By 8 June 2023

TEC releases Supplementary Plan Guidance to reflect any policy or Budget changes (as required)

June 2023

Providers submit proposed Plans, including MoPs, EPICs, Learner Success Plans (LSPs) and Disability Action Plans (DAPs)

By 7 July 2023

TEC reviews proposed Plans and has further discussion with providers as needed

July-October 2023

Providers are notified of decisions in writing

From November 2023

First payments made against Plans; Plan delivery begins

January 2024

Plan Guidance publications

Plan Guidance for 2024 – published February 2023

Plan Guidance is an important document that provides information about what needs to be submitted in your Investment Plan, how we will assess it, and our priorities for investment.

Plan Guidance for TEOs submitting Plans for funding from 1 January 2024 (PDF, 7.1 MB)

Supplementary Plan Guidance – to be published June 2023

Supplementary Plan Guidance provides you with further information about what we will be looking for in your Investment Plan, that was not available when Plan Guidance was published in February.

Plan Gazette notice 2023

We set criteria for the content of Investment Plans, Plan summaries, the submission process, the timetable, and how Plans will be assessed. These are published in the New Zealand Gazette.

Investment Plan Gazette notice 2023

Investment Briefs

The Investment Briefs are a summary of what we want to achieve across particular areas of provision and our expectations around parity. 

Foundation Education Investment Brief (PDF, 200 KB) 

Vocational Education Investment Brief (PDF, 190 KB)

Higher Education Investment Brief (PDF, 196 KB)

Information sheet – Learner Success Plans

This information sheet explains the Learner Success Framework and provides information that supports you to complete your Learner Success Plan.

Learner Success Plan Information Sheet for investment in 2024 (PDF, 276 KB)


Many of the templates you require for drafting and submitting your Plan (for example Mix of Provision (MoP) templates) are available in Workspace 2. Please refer to the table below for other relevant templates.

Template description 

Who needs it

Submission deadline

Strategic Intent and Learner Success Plan template (DOCX, 4.1 MB) 

This template was previously known as the Investment Plan template. It has two parts.

(1) Strategic Intent - Tertiary education organisations (TEOs) can use this section of the template to structure the strategic intent component of their Investment Plan (Plan). It sets out the requirements for proposed Plans and ensures we have all the information we require to make informed investment decisions.

(2) Learner Success Plan - TEOs are encouraged to use the template, or to use the headings provided to guide their own document.

Strategic Intents are required from all TEOs submitting a full Investment Plan.

Learner Success Plans are required from all TEOs submitting a full Investment Plan and receiving more than $5 million in on-Plan funding. 

By 7 July 2023

2024 Investment Plan additional funding requests

We will publish the process for additional funding for the 2024 investment (subject to the availability of this funding) later this year.



2023 additional funding requests – in-year amendments

We will publish our approach and the process for the 2023 in-year amendments soon.


New provider process

We will publish the 2024 investment process for TEOs that have not received on-Plan funding in the last 12 months, later this year.

Any TEO that has not received on-Plan funding in the last 12 months


We want to remind all TEOs that your Plan documents, including your Strategic Intent, Learner Success Plan, Disability Action Plan, MoPs and Educational Performance Indicator Commitments (EPICs) must all be submitted through Workspace 2. Please do not submit these documents by email as this can result in delays.

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