About vocational education

Mō te mātauranga ahumahi

Last updated 5 January 2023
Last updated 5 January 2023

New Zealand’s vocational education system is ready for a fast-changing future of skills, learning and work. 

The system has been designed to:

  • Meet the unique needs of all learners, including those who have been traditionally underserved, such as Māori, Pacific people and disabled learners (particularly as Māori and Pacific people will form a larger part of the working-age population in the future)
  • be relevant to the changing needs of employers
  • be collaborative, innovative and sustainable for all regions of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • uphold and enhance Māori–Crown partnerships.

Work-integrated learning is an increasingly important part of the vocational education system, giving people the opportunity and flexibility to earn while they learn and gain an education that is more directly relevant to the changing needs of the workplace.  

The vocational education system has a strong focus on employers, delivering the skills they need, providing more support for their employees, and ensuring greater consistency in vocational education across the country.

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