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About us

We invest over $3 billion into tertiary education and supporting the tertiary and careers system. We ensure New Zealanders are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need for lifelong success. We fund over 700 tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to provide thousands of courses to hundreds of thousands of learners. We also monitor the performance of TEOs and provide information and advice to the Government about tertiary education. 

Who we are

At the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC), we have a big challenge – ensuring New Zealanders have the skills and the knowledge they need to ensure lif...

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What we do

At the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC), we lead the Government’s relationship with the tertiary education sector and provide career services from e...

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How we work

At the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC), we invest government funding in tertiary education organisations (TEOs)
, monitor their performance, and pr...

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This page provides information about working at the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) – our people and our values.

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The TEC becomes the Government's career agency

The Education (Update) Amendment Act took effect on 1 July as the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) became the Government’s career agency.

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About our systems and tools

Our systems and tools are designed to help make working with us as easy as possible. This page gives you a brief overview of these systems and tools, and i...

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Information releases

The Official Information Act (OIA) enables all New Zealanders to request and receive information held by government officials and agencies. For areas where...

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Corporate publications

We produce a range of publications, resources and reports for the tertiary sector to keep you abreast of important issues.

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COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Tertiary Provider and International Bulletin

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