Learner Success Diagnostic Tool

Utauta Tātari Angitu Ākonga

Last updated 8 March 2023
Last updated 8 March 2023

A downloadable tool for tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to facilitate discussions about equity and identifying focus areas for developing your own learner success approach.  

What is the Learner Success Diagnostic Tool (LSDT)?

The LSDT is a digital tool that empowers your organisation to intentionally redesign your operating model to achieve equity.

The tool helps you:

  • facilitate deep conversations about what equity and learner success means for your organisation
  • assess organisational maturity/progress across seven key capability areas
  • identify opportunities to improve your operating model.

It was developed through a collaborative design process with a range of Aotearoa New Zealand TEOs and subject matter experts. 

The tool is the second phase of the Tertiary Education Commission’s Learner Success Framework, and is designed to provide the basis for you to move to the “Problem Definition” phase.

You download the LSDT as an Excel spreadsheet.

How do you use the LSDT?

The LSDT is designed to be used internally by your organisation. You can use it as is or you can change parts of it to better suit your context. The insights you gain are for you and only you.

The tool is designed for an organisation at any stage of its developing learner success journey. You can use it multiple times, reflecting on previous results and reviewing progress over time.

Download tool and guides

Learner Success Diagnostic Tool V1.0 (XLSX 88 KB) – the tool itself: a spreadsheet of questions which guide your discussions and help you assess where your organisation is at in terms of learner success

LSDT Facilitation Guide V1.0 (PDF 400 KB) – a guide to using the tool and facilitating conversations

Text version of the LSDT Facilitation Guide V1.0

LSDT Participant Guide V1.0 (PDF 446 KB) – a guide that prepares participants for use of the tool

Text version of the LSDT Participants' Guide V1.0


We plan to continuously improve the tool, so we want to hear your suggestions and about your experiences. Please email your feedback (with the subject “LSDT feedback”) to: customerservice@tec.govt.nz.

Frequently asked questions

How was the tool tested?

The tool was reviewed, refined, and tested by a range of Aotearoa New Zealand TEOs.

Will the tool affect our funding?

Use of the tool has no impact on funding. Your results from the tool are confidential to you; we do not collect or monitor information about its use.

When should we use the tool?

The tool focuses an organisation on identifying and exploring new opportunities to achieve equity. It has been designed to be picked up and used at any time by any organisation at any stage of its learner success journey.

Why do we need a facilitator?

To get the most out of the tool and build momentum towards learner success, you need the right people. The facilitator plays a critical role in organising the sessions, keeping discussions focused and keeping the group moving forward. They provide continuity, especially if discussions take place over multiple sessions.

How do we prepare to use the tool?

Start by downloading the tool, the facilitator’s guide and participant guide. Appoint a facilitator within your organisation, who will get to know the steps involved and begin planning.

How long does it take to use the tool?

We recommend allowing enough time for discussions. It can take four to five hours to go through all the steps in the tool. This time can be split across several sessions if you prefer.

Can we get assistance from TEC when using the tool?

If you need help or have any questions, email customerservice@tec.govt.nz or contact your Relationship Manager Investment.

How do we use the results from the tool?

Once you understand your current state and agree on areas of future focus, you will want to consider your next steps. We are currently developing resources to guide TEOs through next steps as part of the wider Learner Success Framework.

More information

For more information on the Ōritetanga Learner Success approach please contact your Relationship Manager Investment or call our Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301.

Learner Success Framework – a blueprint for intentionally designing and implementing a learner-centric operating model.