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Support your autistic learners to succeed with new resource

Support your autistic learners to succeed with new resource

Last updated 28 September 2022
Last updated 28 September 2022

We want all learners to receive the support they need to be successful, and for some autistic people it can be hard braving the world of tertiary education. A new resource gives tertiary education organisations (TEOs) information and strategies to improve autistic learners’ education experience.

New guides offer information and strategies to support autistic learners

Altogether Autism, with the support of the Tertiary Education Commission, have created a set of guides to support autistic learners through their learning journey.

The guides offer tutors and lecturers information and strategies on six themes:

  1. communication
  2. executive functioning support
  3. self-advocacy
  4. sensory sensitivities
  5. mental health
  6. social interactions.

To help develop the guides, Altogether Autism surveyed 99 autistic tertiary learners on what they needed from TEOs to have a positive educational journey.

Access the guides at Supporting Autistic Tertiary Learners - Altogether Autism.

Autistic learner shares tips for TEOs based on her tertiary experience

It took Rachael Wiltshire, an autistic learner, nine years to complete her tertiary education. Now an autistic advisor at Altogether Autism, Rachael helped research and write the six guides. In this video Rachael shares two key take aways for tutors and lecturers based on her experiences.

Based on international data, it is estimated between one to two percent of people in New Zealand have autism.

Learner success for all is a priority for the Tertiary Education Commission

We have large groups of learners who are currently underserved by the tertiary education system, including neurodiverse learners. We need to change that. TEC is working with a range of organisations including Altogether Autism to develop resources for tertiary organisations so they better understand the special needs of neurodiverse learners and can develop systems to support them to complete their education. Remember best practice for neurodiverse learners is best practice for all learners.

To strengthen your practice in supporting neurodivergent learners check out these resources and advice on our website:

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Thank you to Altogether Autism for permission to share Rachael’s video.