Information for migrant learners – PELT

Information for migrant learners – PELT

Last updated 11 March 2024
Last updated 11 March 2024

The Pre-purchased English Language Tuition (PELT) programme enables eligible migrants to participate in English language courses, helping them to settle into communities and work.

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To be eligible to enrol in Pre-purchased English Language Tuition (PELT) courses you must be a migrant who has paid money for English language tuition to Immigration New Zealand before you arrived in New Zealand.

Balance of entitlement

The funding amount you are entitled to receive to purchase tuition is referred to as your ‘balance of entitlement’.

Your balance of entitlement depends on what your level of English was at time of your visa application and how much money you paid to Immigration New Zealand. It will be between NZ$1,531.82 and NZ$6,131.82.

If you gained residency under the Parent Category, your balance of entitlement will be NZ$1,531.82.

You, or someone on your behalf, can receive confirmation of your balance of entitlement by contacting our Customer Contact Group by email at, or by phone on 0800 601 301. You must provide your name, date of birth and passport number.

Enrolling in Pre-purchased English Language Tuition

PELT tertiary education organisations (TEOs) offer different English language courses to suit different learning needs. You don't have to spend your entire entitlement on one course, or pass a test at the end of the course.

If a course costs more than your balance of entitlement you will have to pay the difference between your balance of entitlement and the cost of the course. 

Follow these three easy steps to enrol in a PELT course.

  1. Contact our Customer Contact Group by email at, or by phone on 0800 601 301, to find out your balance of entitlement.
  2. Use the Directory of Approved PELT Courses by Region below to locate a TEO and the course that you want to enrol in.
  3. Contact your chosen TEO to enrol. When contacting the TEO, please have your passport and visa available.

Directory of approved courses

Pre-purchased English Language Tuition (PELT) Directory of Providers (PDF 5.6 MB)

Further information

Immigration New Zealand accepts test results from a variety of providers. For more information please see English language test results we accept – Immigration New Zealand.